Customer testimonials

VP Clinical Operations US, Oncology:

‘……in the beginning we had no experience in getting studies approved in the EU and Siron’s team was key in getting approval. Another really key positive is the management and oversight provided by Siron.’

VP, Clinical Operations US, Liver disease

‘Over the years, we expanded in size, number of studies, and EU countries and brought on additional Siron CRAs (approximately 15) to help us manage the work in their region.’

‘Where Siron had utilized their relationships or learnings from repeated submissions on our behalf to Regulatory agencies or ethics committees, the larger CROs had difficulty communicating prior learnings to internal teams and creating the same kinds of efficiencies…’ 

Vice President, Clinical Research and Operations US, dermatology

We have been working with Siron now for over five years, involving fifteen clinical trials and they have been an integral part of our success.  As a US-based company with no operational presence in Europe, our partners for working there are critical to us.  We need local partners whom we can truly rely on; whom we can absolutely trust.  Siron is such a partner for us.

Many of the studies that we are doing involve innovative research in the early phases of product development, utilizing novel research tools including intensive imaging along with multiple laboratory biomarkers.  With non-standard techniques often employed, the flexibility of the Siron team allows us to utilize these innovative methods while maintaining compliance.  In addition to the operational expertise in study conductance and oversight, the Siron team is also intellectually invested in the purpose and outcomes of our research.  This provides for an excellent relationship with the Investigators and scientists conducting the studies.